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How to Beat Colon Cancer to the Punch

It is official: Colon cancer is the 3rd largest cause of cancer in North America. +

Did you know that colonoscopies did not cure cancer or even prevent it? “OK’, you say, “so how CAN I beat colon cancer or prevent it?”


Here is the method in two steps:

  1. Eat right. We will get detailed about this on a different day.
  2. Keep the colon clean. Most of the problems come from retaining waste material in the colon. This waste material will both cause diverticuli (leading to cancer) and actually become toxic to our systems (leading to cancer).

The second method is our focus. I mentioned eating right. Eating foods high in dietary fiber is key. Then, we need to get rid of the wastes stored in our colons. This is not done in North American society in general. That is the reason why so many of us get colon cancer. A method is needed that does not depend on harsh laxatives and is done daily.  You will use this the rest of your life. Taking Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula to get this started and drinking 1 gallon of steam distilled water daily will begin the process of lowering your cancer risk and shrinking your unhealthy colon down to a lean machine.



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What Everybody Should Know About Natural Cataract Removal

Did you know that cataracts can be eliminated without surgery? I didn’t think so. But don’t feel bad because not many people do know. Here are a few things you should know before beginning your journey toward freedom from cataracts.


  • First: always practice prevention.
    • protect your eyes from damage from UV light exposure and free radicals
    • eat a diet that is high in anti-oxidants
  • Next, help your eyes to heal from the cataracts already present
    • eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes of healing from your body efficiently so that they will not cause more problems in the eyes
    • use an herbal aid containing Eyebright herb to help the body speed up healing and encourage clear eyes.

If you need more detail and want to heal yourself heal from cataracts naturally…. Click Here

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Little Known Way to Get Rid of Excess Body Fluid

No matter WHY body fluid builds up, there is a very good way to get rid of it. Let me warn you that you must take care of the cause of the build-up or the fluid will come back!

A simple herb named Parsley can get rid of excess fluid in the body. Why use it?

  1. no side effects like dangerous pharmaceuticals
  2. very effective
  3. very cheap (no prescription or office calls required)

Here is how

  1. Bring one pint of distilled water to a boil.
  2. Remove from heat and add one ounce dried parsley herb (available at a health food store)
  3. Steep for 20 minutes and strain.
  4. Drink 1/2 cupful 3-4 times a day.
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How I Got Rid of Sinus Infections Without Drugs

Does this dry winter air give you sinus problems? I can relate. In fact, I sometimes get so much congestion for so many days that it becomes a sinus infection. As a Natural Healing person, I do not wish to EVER take antibiotics.

Royalty-Free (RF) anatomy Clipart Illustration #76807

What To Do?

I began to use the saline nasal rinse in a plastic squeeze bottle – just like a Neti pot but you squeeze it to make the salt water go through the nose. It helped some but I still had occasional problems.

Adding just 2 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (any healthf00d store w ill probably have this) got rid of the infections. In the winter I use this morning and evening and have very happy sinuses!

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5 Reasons Why Cancer Is Claiming #1 Cause of Death Spot


Cancer is becoming the number #1 tool of the grim reaper in the US according to the official CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Breast Cancer Ribbon Stock Photography - 22303732
Nancy Hellmich, in her USA Today article “New cancer cases worldwide expected to skyrocket”, shares eye-opening statements by the WHO. For example:

  • The World Cancer Report, produced by the WHO’s specialized cancer agency, predicts new cancer cases will rise from an estimated 14 million in 2012 to 22 million annually within two decades. Over the same period, cancer deaths are tipped to rise from 8.2 million a year to 13 million annually.
  • “We cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem,” he said. “More commitment to prevention and early detection is desperately needed in order to complement improved treatments and address the alarming rise in cancer burden globally.

It is not a mystery to many alternative health care providers such as myself. Here are the reasons why:

  1. By the admission of the World Health Organization, “We cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem” .  Treatment is exactly what we do in this country. It does not and cannot work.
  2. We take in more carcinogens that we allow our bodies to excrete. We take them in and we store them in our bodies because we do not allow ourselves to excrete them.
  3. Our bodies ARE the cure for cancer! The human body is remarkable in getting rid of disease if we allow it to do so.
  4. We eat the wrong foods. We know this and do not take it seriously because we do not really think that bad nutrition leads to disease. This has been brainwashed into us by decades of flawed medical education.
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Cayenne as a Tourniquet?

Tourniquets are making a comeback according to New York Times writer Michael S. Schmidt.

Tourniquets work well on wounds in the arms and legs.

But what about bleeding in the head or abdomen or back?

Consider humble Cayenne. I recall several incidents where colleagues used Cayenne tincture in the mouth or just stuffed the powdered herb into the wound – lives were saved!

Cayenne pepper plan

This is because one of the uses of Cayenne is a “blood pressure regulator”. What does this mean?

  • If there is not enough circulation in an area, the herb will help the body open up the blood vessels in that area for better blood flow.
  • If there is too much  blood flow to an area (as in hemorrhage or wounds) Cayenne will help shut it down.

This works great to prevent heart attacks (or even deal with angina or heart attack). I personally take cayenne preventively. My dose is 1 teaspoonful in water 3 times a day.

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What Can We Do for the Flu?

I cannot go anywhere right now without overhearing people talking about the flu. So many have respiratory viruses and intestinal flu symptoms.

Don’t be scared! Let me remind you of how to defeat this!

  1. Prevention
    1. Good hygiene (Hand washing )
    2. Rest
    3. Good nutrition
  2. Treating yourself
    1. Fluids, rest
    2. Garlic: no virus can defeat it. Here is a recipe for a soup containing garlic:
      1. Cauliflower Soup (click here to read) (obviously not possible in stomach flu) for respiratory flu
      2. Dr. Christophers Super Garlic Immune Formula
    3. Elderberry works on Type A or B flu to shorten and reduce severity
    4. Boost your immune system (Echinacea – 6 days per week)
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Ear & Nerve Tincture

Recently an associate of mine lost a grandchild. Heartbreaking. Heart-rending. Maybe we will never be the same. Paralysis due to an accident was the problem. He just couldn’t keep breathing. The nerves were damaged.

nervous system

You need to know about this:

There is a way to regenerate nerves!

That way is natural and harmless and you can do it yourself!

It is called Ear & Nerve Tincture. This wonderful herbal formula has been used for many nerve problems, including……

  • ear pain
  • nerve deafness
  • nerve problems due to diabetes
    • pancreas malfunction
    • inability to urinate
    • tingling and numbness in the extremities
  • nerve malfunctions all over the body.


Click to Order Ear & Nerve Tincture

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Bronchitis and Dairy Products

Do you want to breathe?

If you suffer from bronchitis, I already know the answer. Here is a very quick help for many.

Because (according to Mayo Clinic) one of the top 8 allergy causing food categories in the US is Dairy Product, we get our first clue. An allergic reaction is likely to produce mucus that stops up the bronchioles. Remove the allergy-producing substance (dairy), and you may not have to do anything else at all.

No dairy

If dairy is the culprit for you, then you have just solved a problem for yourself that can save thousands of dollars in medical expense and freed yourself from a substance that was not even designed for humans.

To enhance this effect, you can also use a product called Immucalm. This is a combination of Astragalus and Marshmallow root that is used to both calm down and strengthen the immune system. It has shown itself to be useful in reducing and eliminating allergies in many people.


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